General Terms and Conditions of Venue Use

  1. Venue Availability: Availability to accommodate requests is based on a first-come, first-served basis and affiliation to UCLA’s Division of Life Sciences (LS) and the unit of Biology Administration (BioAdmin).
  2. Terms of Payment: Payment for venue use will be due no later than seven business days prior to your reservation. Internal UCLA Campus Event Organizers will be asked to pay via campus recharge. All other parties will be asked to pay by check.
  3. Required Staffing: Life Sciences and BioAdmin staff are not included or available for confirmed reservations. Reservations received by BioAdmin that are outside of normal business hours may require additional external services (UCPD, UCLA Events, etc.). All services and costs required by these required external services will be paid for by client.
  4. Serving Alcoholic Beverages: Client is expected to abide by, and enforce all UCLA policies and state laws on alcohol.
  5. Video Recording and Photography on the UCLA Campus: It is up to the client to ensure that all university policies and guidelines for video recording and photography are abided, as well as any required permits are obtained prior to client’s event. Please see link for more information:
  6. UCLA Courtesy Parking: Event participants should be directed to Parking Structure 2, which is adjacent to UCLA’s Terasaki Life Sciences Building. Guests would need to make parking arrangements with the Designated Event Representative, who would need TSREQ access, or the UCLA Courtesy Parking Office. The Designated Event Representative will be able to request Courtesy Parking for non-affiliated UCLA guests. Authorized department FAUs are recharged for the parking service so guests can park hassle-free. If the Designated Event Representative does not have TSREQ access designation, he or she should contact their Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) to gain authorization.

Campus parking rates are $14 per automobile. Reserving groups may also pay for parking on behalf of their guests through the Courtesy Parking Office. Pay by Space parking is also available in this structure. If using this option, reserving group cannot pay for this option in advance. Visit for a contactless payment. Other options provided by this office include directional signage and/or the hiring parking attendants to assist larger groups. Please contact UCLA Courtesy Parking offices by dialing (310)825-3169.

For more information regarding event parking, please see the link below:

  1. Venue Reinstatement & Cleaning: Hershey Hall must be left in the condition in which they are found. A Facilities Service Request for basic clean-up and replenishing of lavatory supplies are required. If BioAdmin determines any additional facility requests are necessary, they will be charged to the client.
  2. In Case of Accidents: Any accidents or injuries should be reported immediately by dialing ‘911’. BioAdmin Staff should also be made aware of the incident immediately so that help can be provided as quickly as possible.
  3. In Case of Damages: Any damage incurred to Hershey Hall facilities or equipment will be the liability of the requesting party and/or their department and Life Sciences and BioAdmin reserve the right to use either the recharge ID provided to restore the damaged facility, or provide an addition to the final invoice to the client to cover these items.
  4. The Right to Refuse Service: UCLA Life Sciences and BioAdmin reserve the right not to reserve venue space for an event, for any reason.