Physical Hershey Hall Address

612 Charles E. Young Drive East
Box 957246
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7246

The Mira Hershey Hall Building is located just east of the Terasaki Life Sciences Building, between Tiverton Avenue and Manning Avenue and off of Charles E. Young Drive East. The main entrance to Mira Hershey Hall can be found behind the Terasaki Life Sciences Building and in the Terasaki Life Sciences Courtyard. Mira Hershey Hall Building cannot be accessed from Hilgard Avenue and from any other doors except from the two entrances/exits from the Terasaki Life Sciences Building Courtyard.

Please be advised that the University’s work is being conducted in the building and that events held during regular business hours should not cause disruption to these core activities.

Hershey Hall does not have a loading dock. All packages/deliveries should be made to the Terasaki Life Sciences Building Loading dock at 610 Charles E. Young Drive East during normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you require delivery outside of these hours, please contact BioAdmin staff for arrangements for your event/meeting.

General Building Hours for Hershey Hall are Monday through Friday, 6:30am to 6:30pm. If you require access outside of these hours, please submit a Facilities Service Request for the service of the locking and unlocking the building. Please note that this service will incur a fee at the cost of the requester.

If any keys are checked out for your event, it would be the requester’s responsibility to return them immediately after your event. Any lost keys will incur a fee. Please contact BioAdmin Loading Dock Staff for replacement key fees, which is located at 1005 TLSB, Mon-Fri, (x53598 or 310-825-3598).


The locations of the Women’s Restrooms are as follows:

  • 1st Floor – 154 and 104 Hershey Hall
  • 2nd Floor – 237 Hershey Hall
  • 3rd Floor – 303 Hershey Hall

The locations of the Men’s Restrooms are as follows:

  • 1st Floor – 152 and 106 Hershey Hall
  • 2nd Floor – 213 Hershey Hall
  • 3rd Floor – 307 Hershey Hall

Fire Extinguishers

There is one located atop the stairwell of 158 HH, next to the Women’s Restroom. Another one is located by 148 HH and the north entrance of 150 HH. Fire extinguishers are located throughout the building and are enclosed within the wall. They are all secured. In case of an emergency, simply pull on the handle and the cabinet door encasing the extinguisher will open.

Building Lights

Outside of normal building hours, lights in the hallways may not turn on automatically. There are light switches that activate lights in the hallway in case the lights are not turned on automatically. Please contact BioAdmin staff for additional information on hallway lighting.

Light Switches:

  • One located by elevator on the first floor
  • One located behind north-side wooden door at the top of the steps leading to G level of the first floor
  • One by the main entrance
  • One by stairwell, next to 164 HH
  • One by the Hilgard Avenue’s Emergency Exit

Foyer Electrical Sockets

There are a total of seven electrical dual electrical sockets in the Mira Hershey Hall Foyer: one on the south wall, two on the west wall, one on the north wall, two on the east wall (these are blocked now), and one by the Men’s Restroom.

Mira Hershey Hall Inner Courtyard Information

Access to the Inner Courtyard:

To access the Hershey Hall Inner Courtyard, there are two entrances/exits. One is located next to 133 HH (stairwell leads down to the Inner Courtyard) and one is by the Elevator (Floor G), which is a ground entrance to the Inner Courtyard. Double doors on the South and East side of the Courtyard are locked.


There is limited lighting in the Inner Courtyard area. Light Switch to turn on these lights can be found near the Inner Courtyard entrance/exit near 133 HH. There is a hallway leading to the Dickey Collection. At the beginning of this hallway is a light switch on the wall, across from 121B HH. This switch powers on/off the wall lights in the Inner Courtyard only. There are seven wall lights total: three on the north wall, one on the east wall, three on the south wall, and zero on the west wall.

Electrical Outlets in the Inner Courtyard: 

There are limited electrical sockets located in the Inner Courtyard. There are three in total: one on the north wall, one on the east wall, and one on the south wall. All sockets are in working condition.

Courtyard Information

There are no electrical outlets located in the courtyard.

There are only two lights: one on the West Wall of the building and one on the North Wall of the building. There are no lights in the general vicinity of the courtyard.

The courtyard sprinklers are on a timer. Since these courtyard sprinklers maybe scheduled to turn on during your event, please include this on your scheduling form request. A fee would be applied to request this from Facilities to ensure the sprinklers are not turned on during the event.


Located on the West end of Hershey Hall, the elevator travels to floors G, 1, 2 and 3.

Although the G Floor is actually still part of the first floor, it allows direct ground access to the Inner Courtyard, as well as the Foyer, 150 HH, 158 HH, 164 HH, and 168 HH. The elevator doors measure 3 feet across and about seven feet in height. The elevator opens on the west on floors 1, 2, and 3 and opens to the east on the G level. Upon exiting the elevator on the G level, the hallway is three feet across and seven feet in height.

If using the Inner Courtyard, the door leading to the ground direct access is 3 feet across and about seven feet and nine inches in height. There is a side panel to this door that can be opened, if needed, which will give you an additional 14 inches across. There is a handicap lift in 158 HH. Please note that this lift is only for disabled/handicap use and should not be used for freight or the like. If you require freight access to 158 HH, metal portable ramps are provided to use on the steps of the room.

Wi-Fi Access

Guests of external events may utilize free campus Wi-Fi, which is accessible by connecting laptops or other devices to the wireless network “UCLA_WEB”.