Physical Address

777 Tiverton Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90095  

The La Kretz Garden Pavilion (LKGP) can be found on the corner of Charles E. Young Drive South and Tiverton Drive.  There is a driveway at the two-way stop on Tiverton Drive that deliveries/pick-ups for the pavilion can be directed to, across from the entrance to the UCLA School of dentistry. 

The La Kretz Garden Pavilion does not have a loading dock. 

General Building Hours for the La Kretz Garden Pavilion are 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday.  If you require access outside of these hours, a Facilities Service Request maybe required to confirm your request.  This service will incur a fee at a cost to the client. 

If any keys are checked out for your event, please understand that it is your responsibility to return them immediately after your event.  Any lost keys will incur a fee.  Please contact LSSA Storeroom for replacement key fee, 102 HH, Mon-Fri, 1pm to 3pm (x53598). 

Access to LKGP classrooms are via bruincard.  Access will be provided through Sheena Sanchez.  Please provide at least 24 hours for access to be granted.


There is one female (Room 104), one male (Room 106), and one gender neutral/family (Room 105) restroom within the building, located on the north end of the pavilion. 

These restrooms are closed, outside of the building hours provided above.  If you require access outside of these building hours, a Facilities Service Request maybe required to confirm your request.  This service will incur a fee at a cost to the client. 

Water Fountain

There is a set of water fountains found just outside of the LKGP restrooms. 

La Kretz Garden Pavillion Classrooms, Rooms 100 and 101

The LKGP is split into two classrooms.  The center divider is a white board.  If you wish to use it, you must provide your own markers and erasers. 

The LKGP can be rented for meetings/events as a whole (both classrooms) as the divider is removable. 

Standard set up for each classroom is 6 tables in 3 rows, two tables small end to small end, with 8 chairs per row.  In addition, there are 8 stools against the back window. In each room’s closet is an additional 3 tables and 16 chairs. 

Each table is foldable and mobile.  Each table also has 2 built-in electrical sockets, as well usb plugs. 

Fire Extinguishers

There are fire extinguishers found in both classrooms of the pavilion.  Room 100’s fire extinguisher is found by the south entrance.  Room 101’s fire extinguisher is found by the classroom’s entrance/exit door. 

Electrical Sockets

Electrical sockets can be found the perimeter of each classroom, as well in the silver floor boxes. 

Built-in Projector

Built-in Projectors are located in both classrooms.  Connections to each projector are found in the silver floor box, towards the west wall of the room.  

If using both classrooms as one space, there is currently no direct way of presenting from one computer source to both projectors. 

LKGP Courtyard

Building Lights: 

There is very minimal external lighting found in the LKGP courtyard.  If using the courtyard after night fall, it is recommended that the client provide their own lighting. 

Electrical Sockets: 

There is a set of electrical sockets near the center garden of the LKGP courtyard as well as a set by Room 100’s courtyard facing entrance/exit. 

LKGP Prep Kitchen, Room 102

The prep kitchen includes a handwashing sink and food prep sink, as well as a refrigerator.  There is plenty of workable counter top space, as well as 9 electrical sockets. 


Currently the MEMBG Patio is under construction.